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that compare against and we are not, so if we are going to compare apple to apples we are not talking about the commingle funds at all and what is that as a percentage and how much direct debt holdings do you have as an over all portfolio? >> $8.6 billion and these holdings represent 8.7 percent. >> the only comparison is that the index that we have to bench mark, the holdings of these two companies represents, let me get the number correctly. 13.2 of the index and so we are under weight in these companies verses the index and the bench mark index that we use to measure. >> what bench mark are you using? >> it is the msci, acwi. >> so, not russell or anything? >> no. >> any other subtext? >> yeah. a custom index. >> right. >> okay. so 8.7 percent of holdings and let me take a step back to thank supervisor avalos for this hearing as well as to agree with all of the comments about the fossil fuel companies and i could not support those statements any more. my questions are more around the responsibility of whether the retirement board should be doing this and the impacts on what this might be
comparing apples and oranges, but i wanted to give you the whole picture. and, you know, if there are other questions, i'm happy to attempt to answer them. fire and police are also both here in support of these projects. and i'm sure that they could answer your questions, or our technical folks. >> thank you. thank you, president chiu. if there are no other questions, let's open this up for public comment. is there anyone from the public that would like to speak? seeing none, public comment is closed. do you have any closing remarks, president chiu? >> i think just a couple closing remarks. first of all, i do, despite my tough questions, want to thank the staff who have prepared for today. i know that they are operating under difficult positions particularly since many of them have recently come into their positions and are inheriting departments and legacy systems that have been
phones, if i can is if we can invite -- the district attorney met with representatives from apple, governmental relations. i saw that the district attorney said they didn't get satisfactory answers from that individual and there was a lot of hype publicity but no direct responses to the questions. so, if we can invite that person here to our meeting that evening. commissioners, anything you'd like to add? >> what evening is that meeting? do you recall? >> may 1st. >> that's it. thank you. >> also, when the chief announced the anonymous tip line he accidentally gave the wrong number. that number should be 41 5-575-4444. the message from the chief of police, not the commission. >> commissioner loft us. ~ >> just -- there's been some [speaker not understood] since i was here last. the st. patrick's parade, the department got a great response from the community. a lot of thank yous, a lot of cheers, a lot of enthusiasm for the department. and, again, commissioner de jesus did attend the additional meeting in the tenderloin. that was really just an exceptional group of folks there. and
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)